Sunday, 25 September 2011

i love animal print

Top: Forever 21
Ring: Asos
No 7 Minty Fresh

I teamed it with my DIY denim waistcoat when I went out.

So I wore this outfit on a shopping trip yesterday. The trip was more for my boyfriend as I am very low on money at the moment but I ended up buying the best hat ever which I will blog about soon. I love this leopard print top as it's so soft, comfy but so lovely too. I bought it in Forever 21 in Oxford Street a few months ago. It's such a great website and store as it's so reasonably priced and some of their stuff is amazing. This top was only £10 which I think is really good and I was so pleased with my buy. They do actually have free delivery when you spend £50 at the moment so if you feel like a shopping slurge then it's pretty good.

I'm so obsessed with leopard print lately, you can actually see in my bedroom picture my pillow, a sneaky peak of my new hat (to the left) and my 'stay over' bag which are all leopard print. I even bought animal print pens for uni the other day and my friends Sarah and Lydia jumped on the pen bandwagon. Pretty geeky but they are amazing and they are sure to give me a boost at uni. I bought them in Wilkinsons if anybody fancies them too.

You may have noticed that I hardly ever post my bottoms/shoes as I tend to be lazy and just wear leggings but I would like to mix that up a bit. I just find leggings so easy and wearable. I also live in worker boots so I should probably picture them soon, even though they aren't anything special.

My nails look atrocious in this picture as I haven't painted them very well and the picture is so blurry but I had to take the flash off as my fingers are in such bad condition as I bite them so badly! I love the unusual colour, I bought it after seeing Angie's blog and I had one of those No 7 £5 vouchers so it ended up being £2 which is really good for a decent nail varnish. I added a little black heart on my thumb to make it a little more interesting. I did this with the Model's Own nail pen but you could use a liquid eye liner.

After a long day at work I'm currently getting my trashy tv fix by watching Big Brother and then I'm going to do some catching up and watch some X Factor, I lead the high life!

Thanks for reading, who else loves animal print?


  1. Really love that top, so in to animal print at the mo- it looks great with the denim waistcoat! Definitely loving Forever 21 too, went to their Oxford Street store last week for the first time! their stuff is really well priced. x

  2. Aww thanks! It's so good in there :)
    Just went to onto your blog and find it funny that I got that same jumper at a clothes sale a couple of weeks ago for £2 hehe!

  3. Thanks so much for following my blog :)
    I love you style,and who doesnt love animal print! :D I think its one of those things you have to have in your wardrobe. btw I love your nail art x
    You have a new follower,hope you had a wonderful weekend x

  4. Who doesn't love leopard print?! If you don't, then you're craaazy haha thanks for the mention :) hope you like the nail varnish!

  5. ANIMAL PRINT FTW. Love your nails x

  6. Kayleigh: thanks for your lovely comment :) no problem in following your blog I really like it and I can't wait to read more! X

    Angie: Yea definitely :) that's no problem I love the nail varnish so thanks for blogging about it! X

    Ellie: thank you :) x

    Olivia: Hell yes! Loving your blog, so lovely! Following x

  7. that nail colour is lovely, credit to Angie for spotting it!
    and I am glad some love for leopard print is being shared around here
    come visit my blog, maybe we could follow eachother?!

  8. lovely nail colour and love the cut of your hair btw.

    oh yeah massive massive fan of leopard print.

    J x

  9. Fabulous nails!xx

  10. Lara: Thanks for visiting my blog :) I'm going to visit yours now! Glad you like the polish and loving how many leopard print fans there are :) x

    Jen: Thank you for the comment about my hair, that's really nice :) pleased you like the polish too! X

    Jessamyn: Thank you!! X


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