Thursday, 29 September 2011

work work work

Top: Allsaints

Denim Shirt: Primark

Sandles: New Look

Sorry for spamming this post with so many pictures! I wore this outfit on my second day back at uni as I wanted something comfortable. I love this top so much, its from Allsaints which is normally way too expensive for me so I nearly always just buy stuff in there when it's on sale. Admittidly this top was still very expensive, I think it was £42 but I had a work bonus one month and had been eyeing it up for ages. I love the cape like style (similar to my stripey top and it's so different and as I said before, comfortable. I love the pattern because it's almost tribal. I decided to wear my Primark denim shirt with it as I haven't worn it for ages and I've been seeing a lot around lately. It was really hot that day so I hardly wore it anyway. These are my sandles which I like to wear when the sun comes out, they're from trusty New Look so they are so comfy and I love them as they go with nearly everything.

I went shopping this evening with my friends as I've just had my student loan through so I felt naughty but I didn't actually end up spending that much. I bought ANOTHER jumper in H&M which was only £9.99 and a top in Urban Outfitters sale for £12 something with student discount. I also got some lip gloss/stick by Collection 2000 which I already love so I will take some pictures of my new buys soon.

I'm off to see Lee Evans at the 02 tomorrow night with my boyfriend and I can't wait because I love him, he's my favourite comedian. He's so stupid but he really makes me giggle. I can't wait to have a break from uni already because I feel like I've had so much reading to do and it's only my first week.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

i love animal print

Top: Forever 21
Ring: Asos
No 7 Minty Fresh

I teamed it with my DIY denim waistcoat when I went out.

So I wore this outfit on a shopping trip yesterday. The trip was more for my boyfriend as I am very low on money at the moment but I ended up buying the best hat ever which I will blog about soon. I love this leopard print top as it's so soft, comfy but so lovely too. I bought it in Forever 21 in Oxford Street a few months ago. It's such a great website and store as it's so reasonably priced and some of their stuff is amazing. This top was only £10 which I think is really good and I was so pleased with my buy. They do actually have free delivery when you spend £50 at the moment so if you feel like a shopping slurge then it's pretty good.

I'm so obsessed with leopard print lately, you can actually see in my bedroom picture my pillow, a sneaky peak of my new hat (to the left) and my 'stay over' bag which are all leopard print. I even bought animal print pens for uni the other day and my friends Sarah and Lydia jumped on the pen bandwagon. Pretty geeky but they are amazing and they are sure to give me a boost at uni. I bought them in Wilkinsons if anybody fancies them too.

You may have noticed that I hardly ever post my bottoms/shoes as I tend to be lazy and just wear leggings but I would like to mix that up a bit. I just find leggings so easy and wearable. I also live in worker boots so I should probably picture them soon, even though they aren't anything special.

My nails look atrocious in this picture as I haven't painted them very well and the picture is so blurry but I had to take the flash off as my fingers are in such bad condition as I bite them so badly! I love the unusual colour, I bought it after seeing Angie's blog and I had one of those No 7 £5 vouchers so it ended up being £2 which is really good for a decent nail varnish. I added a little black heart on my thumb to make it a little more interesting. I did this with the Model's Own nail pen but you could use a liquid eye liner.

After a long day at work I'm currently getting my trashy tv fix by watching Big Brother and then I'm going to do some catching up and watch some X Factor, I lead the high life!

Thanks for reading, who else loves animal print?

Thursday, 22 September 2011

miss winter

Cardi: Missguided
Top: H&M
Shorts: more DIY
Belt: Primark

In my last post I mentioned that I was waiting for a Missguided cardigan to arrive and this is it! I wore this outfit and took the pictures a few days ago. I already really like this cardigan because it's so soft and a little bit different. I normally tend to wear a black cardigan as I find it easy and obviously goes with most things. Missguided had 10% off their knitwear last week which is why I purchased this cardigan as it was only £20 in the end which I think is quite reasonable for a cardigan. I think the cardi is quite different as it has no buttons and it's 3/4 length and I love the wine colour. It's such a lovely Autumn colour and makes me feel in season and it's sure to make some of my outfits more interesting.

I would recommend the Missguided website as there are some lovely things for great prices. There is 15% student discount throughout September and there is a free delivery option. It's too late now but they had free next day delivery today till six which was a great offer. As I have said before they often have different things going on so you should definately check it out.

Thanks for reading, have any of you bought anything off Missguided recently or would recommend any other good sites?

Sunday, 18 September 2011

winter wardrobe

I have wanted a winter jumper for months as I have seen so many in the shops lately. I had been to New Look in Oxford street ages ago and tried a grey chunky knit jumper on and loved it but didn't buy it at the time. Ever since then I couldn't find it in any of my local stores and I was adamant I wasn't going to pay postage online. I was going to buy the jumper online once I had bought my NUS card (which I am hoping to order soon) but I went into Dorothy Perkins this week and I was attracted to another jumper. I decided to try it on even though it cost £29 compared to the New Look one which was £23. I instantly loved the jumper and had an inkling that DP had 20% student discount at the moment. I went to buy it and the lady at the till was rather distracted so didn't even acknowledge that I had shown her my uni ID card. Once I had paid I looked at my reciept and realised that she had only taken 10% off so I thought I must have been wrong but as I was walking out I saw the tiniest sign saying 20% student discount for an unlimited time but the shop assistant still didn't believe me! After some time I was able to walk away with my new jumper at only £23.30 which was the same price as the New Look one so I felt pretty happy. I think I'm going to have to be careful when I wear it as I can see it snagging really easily due to the way it's knitted but overall it's so soft which is really nice to see in a knitted jumper. I have since looked at the website and I believe the 20% student discount is still going!

I wore this jumper out to the cinema on Friday for a test run and I really do love it. I did not love the film however. I went to see I Don't Know How She Does It with my friend Sarah and we were really disappointed. I will blog about it on my other blog.

Yesterday I was selling some clothes with my mother at a local clothes sale but I wasn't very successful. I was wearing this top which is my 'go to top' lately as it's so comfy and I like the style with it's tighter arms and flowy top. This was quite a find as I went into M&Co with my mum (for my mum) and ended up finding this in the sale and it said it was £15 and after trying it on I thought it was a bargain. When I got to the till it was only £10 too which was even better! This made me realise that sometimes shopping is a bit like picking up a book, you don't want to pick it up if the covers rubbish, hence not really wanting to walk into shops that I don't normally but perhaps we shouldn't judge a shop by it's name!

Going back to the clothes sale, I didn't do very well as I only sold two necklaces for a total of £1 but my mum did a bit better. The good thing about the day was that I got a few bargains myself (even though that wasn't the idea). I bought two more winter jumpers (yes they've all come at once) for £2 each, a navy body warmer for a £1, a pair of earrings for 40p (I need to sterilise them) and I ended up getting a top for free as I was eyeing it up for ages but didn't make the move to buy it and the stall holder kindly just gave it to me at the end because she obviously couldn't be bothered to take it home. In the selling department I didn't do too well but I was pleased with all my purchases for £5.40. I will blog my new garments as I wear them!

I also feel a bit naughty as I have bought a MissGuided cardigan in the mean time as I wasn't expecting to find so many things lately so I am definately kitted out for winter. If you haven't already guessed I love winter clothes as I love layers and scarfs because you can look and feel so cosy. I haven't recieved my cardigan yet as I ordered it a few days before the weekend but they had a 10% discount on knitwear so I thought I would go for it. It's not the usual style I would wear so I am interested to see what it will look like and if I keep it then I'm sure you will soon see it! Unfortunately they don't have the discount anymore but they are always putting up new ones so keep an eye out as they have some lovely things.

Have any of you found any bargains lately, I would love to hear about them?

Monday, 12 September 2011

a new start

I have decided to create a new blog, just because sometimes I feel like writing more general things rather than my film reviews on my other blog. I have started getting cold symptoms today and haven't felt like doing I didn't. I got so bored that I thought maybe I should make this blog which I have wanted to do in a long time. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to write about yet, possibly my clothes, my life and other (probably pretty boring) things. The idea of 'Faye's Fix' is that I have this feeling that I really want to write something so this is where I will share it. I need to work out how to do the layouts again but for now this lovely (eugh) faded pink will have to do.

I thought I could photo my new 'I <3 NY' tee courtesy of the lovely Sarah and my DIY denim shorts so that's where I have started with my new blog. When I started taking pictures and looking at them I thought 'CRINGE' but what the hell, I have a lot of time on my hands so why not.

I have recently dyed my hair (again) as I was beginning to go an awful colour and had to get rid of it. I'm still not entirely sure about it but it will grow out eventually, only hair I guess.

Who knows how long I can keep this up and how interesting it will be but for me it will be a place to go when I need a little type. If you are actually reading this then thanks but don't worry if you never come back!

My new hair colour, bit dark?
My tee from actual NYC where I dream of going!

Soz about the dodgey picture quality, I cropped it and this happend...

These are my 'DIY shorts' which I made from my Dad's old work jeans. I did these ages ago and pretty much just cut the legs off where I wanted them. I always wear them as they are just so comfy and easy to wear and they are pretty 'in' at the moment which is an added bonus. The tights I'm wearing in the picture are from Sainsbury's and I was so impressed as I've wanted thick patterned tights for ages and they were reduced to £3, so bargain!

It's been pretty random but I have quite enjoyed chattering away so until next time, ta rah!


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